Vedic School



Purna Vidya, “Complete Knowledge" offers our kids all the essential knowledge that they need to have about our culture and to lead a life accordingly. According to their age, children will learn (with their same age group kids)- Puranic tales, Ramayan, Bhagavatham,Mahabharat and it goes on. Children will enjoy their progressive learning in a fun way along with slokas, bhajans, Bhagavat Gita slokas and games. This is a structured program happening every week on Saturdays from -->5:45pm-7:15pm in 3 batches(term time only) in Edgbaston. Our 2018-2019 registration is open now for kids to join from September 2018. Kindly register your child's name if you are interested. 
For more information, please contact:
Jaya: 07535 637293
Vasupradha: 07402290075

Vedic class under the management of Suresh Somayajula Garu

OUR TEACHERS Providing Higher Education